4 Best Tile Paint for Bathrooms and Kitchens

In this review, you can find the best tile paint for the best finish. Detailed reviewers below but if you want the quick winner then our top pick has to be Diamond Hard RePurpose Enamel Tile Paint

We all have that feeling of walking into a room and thinking that there is something wrong with the design. Maybe the brick and tile do not match the colour of the room. For a cheap and fun fix, tile paint is a great alternative to new ceramic.

Best Tile Paints In This Review

Diamond Hard RePurpose Enamel Tile Paint

Best Overall

One-step process which does not require sanding or priming. Designed for re-purposing projects in and out of the home. Application to Tile is impressive, also works with many surfaces. High durable finish Levels to a smooth, beautiful finish Retains its color for years to come.

Sold by the gallons. Diamondhard RePurpose Enamel Tile Paint is not a product intended for use as an exterior paint product. A big selection of colors available to really change the style of your kitchen or bathroom.

Many of the reviewers reported the DiamondHard Repurpose does not have a strong odor, and also dries extremely fast. 2 coats will probably be sufficient in most cases, however some scenarios have required an extra third coat to get the job done.

  • Superior Color Retention
  • Smooth finish
  • Sticks to Tile well and most other surface’s
  • No sanding or primer required
  • Available in 10 colors

NADAMOO Tub and Tile Refinishing Kit

Best Value All-In-One Kit

NADAMOO Tub and Tile Refinishing Kit comes with all the basic supplies required to refinishing, including the gloves, brush, roller, pre-taped masking film, masking tape,sandpaper, compound emulsion and Hardener.

The kit includes the necessary items needed to refinish the surface of your tub. If you decide that you want to refinish it after all, just order a few more bottles of compound A and B. Product

You can refinish the bathtub by yourself, perform DIY repairs in a few simple steps: All you need is mix compound part A and Part B together, pour the mixture on the top edge of the bathtub and let it self leveling. Use to refinish porcelain ceramic surface like tub, tile, shower, vanities, sink. 

  • Odorless Water-based Formula
  • Long Lasting Water Resistant
  • Includes all extras required

INSL-X SXA11009A-01 Stix Acrylic Waterborne

Premium-quality, acrylic-urethane bonding primer-sealer with unparalleled adhesion to challenging surfaces include glossy tile, ceramic tiles and other surfaces.

It can be top coated with almost any product. 300 – 400 square feet per gallon is the coverage. It’s easy to clean the water. An even top coat has a base provided by the excellent holdout. Instructions for preparation and application can be found on the label.

For glossy tile sand the tile lightly before priming. Use a 4″ fine nap roller or foam roller for the best coverage.

  • ‎Coverage: 300 – 400 square feet per gallon
  • Finish: Flatt / Matte
  • Low VOC and easy soap and water cleanup

Rust-Oleum Specialty Tub and Tile Spray Paint, 12-Ounce, White

Rust-Oleum Tile Spray Paint is a good paint which claims to cover up to 15 sq ft per can, however, actual coverage doesn’t quite reach this. You may need to load up on cans for anything bigger than a sink.

The formula is resistant to hot temperatures and humidity. You can apply ceramic, porcelain or fiberglass. Allow surface to fully dry for 3 days prior to water exposure.

The look of porcelain or ceramic tile is perfect for tile, sinks, tub, sinks and bathtubs, with a waterproof finish, and can be refreshed with the look of porcelain or ceramic tile.

The Benefits of Painting Tiles

There are not too many cons for painting tiles. To me, there are more pros. After more than 10 years of looking at the same tiles in my bathroom, I decided I wanted something different. The square, light pink surface always stared at me blankly while I brushed my teeth. I needed something fresh.

However, after shopping for new tiles, I realized that the amount of money I needed for a new look was not something I was willing to fork over. All I wanted was a refreshing new finish for my bathroom tiles and my step tile. Then, I realized that using paints is a better alternative.


Skimming over the prices for new tile made me want to run out of the store. If I wanted a satisfying project, I had to make sure that the price was attractive. The cost of tile paint is much lower than buying brand new, which appealed to me most and made me much happier with the results.


Opting for tile paints also means that you can get the finish you want. When shopping for a new surface, you have to find what other ceramic brands designed. However, by taking power into your own hands, you have much more say in the overall design and how the paint gets applied.


In my opinion, I found tile paints much easier than ripping out old tiles and replacing them with a new look. Instead of dealing with the nitty-gritty, all you have to do is paint over the existing surface with new colours–much more efficient and a lot more time-effective (though the two-hour drying rule is not the most practical).

What to Know Before Painting Bathroom Tiles

Before you start getting to work, check to see if the tile surface has a silicone sealant finish. This is usually found on tiles that usually make contact with water. If you do not remove the sealant, the paint cannot properly attach to the surface.

Another tip before starting is to clean the tiles before applying the gloss finish. If there is dirt or grime, then the paint only seals it into the product.

Once you complete your project, there are some things you must avoid to protect the new gloss paint colours. First, you should always avoid abrasive cleaning products.

They can cut into your gloss finish, removing all your hard work. Additionally, it is best not to regrout the area since it can interfere with the new coverage.

What to Know Before Painting Kitchen Tiles

Before I applied paint to my kitchen tiles, I knew I had to do a deep clean first. I spend a lot of time cooking, so it was not unusual for me to have to clean off the tile surfaces.

Food stains and grease are commonly attracted to your kitchen tiles, so be sure to clean them off before applying new colours.

As I mentioned before, you should plan on regrouting before making your paint product application. Your good coverage can be ruined if you try to install new grout.

Finally, when it comes to your kitchen, I recommend picking new colours that go well with your countertops and appliances. Be mindful of the multiple colours in the room for a high-quality finish.

Painting Tiles in Your Kitchen or Bathroom

Below is a summary for painting tiles, have a read of our article on painting tiles in your home for a more in-depth look at this DIY job.

Clean, Clean, Clean

No tile is self-cleaning. I have made this mistake before. I use a paint that says quick dry, I rush myself and then forget to clean off the tile. Too many times have I seen trapped dirt particles in my paint that I very well could have easily removed. Thus, before you begin, use soap and water to clean off the surfaces.

Prep the Tile and the Paint

A lot of tile in homes are commonly high-gloss. This means that the tile makers used an extra finish to give the product a sleek look.

However, this can interfere with the paint you apply. I wish I had known about this extra layer before I applied tile paint in my bathroom. Moreover, save yourself some time, and sand down the glossy-like tiles.

Before you make your paint purchase, I highly encourage you to explore different colours. Find what goes well with your kitchen or bathroom and maybe search for an easy design. There are plenty of stencils with funky patterns with easy application.

Paint the Tiles

Once all the prep is completed, then comes the moment to actually paint. Depending on the paint product you use, you may need to prime the tile. However, if you use one of the best tile paints listed above, there is no need.

Easy Application Occurs When Surfaces are Dry

Finally, if you must apply more than one coat, allow for everything to dry. Do not wait for the tiles to touch dry because that is too quick. Instead, wait anywhere between 16 and 24 hours to add more coverage.

Best Tile Paint – The Winner

Ultimately, the best tile paint is Diamond Hard RePurpose Enamel Tile Paint, our chosen “Best Overall.” The pros include having a quick dry feature, as well as containing special pigments that, when applied, form a solid bond that lasts long. There are almost no cons that I could find surrounding this product.

In conclusion, if you want a kitchen/bathroom update, buy a high-quality tile paint product that refreshes and highlights the space.

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