Best Rakes for Grass

Rakes may be one of the most versatile tools a gardener should have. A rake can be used for many different tasks including gathering grass clippings, raking leaves together, and even making compost.

A good rake can make tasks so much easier, thus we have here a list of the best rakes for your lawn and general raking activities.

Our Top Picks for Best Grass Rakes This Season

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What are the Best Grass Rakes

Garden Rakes In More Detail


Bully Tools Bow Rake

Bully Tools Bow Rake
Bully Tools Bow Rake   Bully Tools Bow Rake   Bully Tools Bow Rake   Bully Tools Bow Rake   Bully Tools Bow Rake   Bully Tools Bow Rake   Bully Tools Bow Rake  

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The Bully Tools 16-inch Bow Rake is an excellent model that features a 10 gauge steel with a fiberglass handle that makes it durable and an excellent addition to your gardening tools.

The rake itself is welded to the handle and is curved like a bow with 16 fixed teeth or tines made of durable industrial steel.

The handle is light and has the ability to resist breakage due to the thick fiberglass. It also has a polyester veil coating and is 58 inches in length, making it great for dealing with compacted soil, debris, spreading mulch and other gardening tasks.

This Bully Tools Bow Rake is designed to last a lifetime and can withstand rugged use due to its rather heavy head and hard teeth. Although it has large gaps between the teeth, it can do an excellent job at most tasks without debris getting stuck in it.


  • Industrial steel tines
  • Sturdy and durable handle
  • Solid head and teeth


  • Noticeably heavy which makes it not suitable for some lawn tasks
  • Teeth cannot be replaced if damaged.
  • Can damage plants, if mishandled.

Corona RK 62061 Fixed Tine Leaf Rake, Aluminum Handle, 19-In

Corona RK 62061 Fixed Tine Leaf Rake, Aluminum Handle, 19-Inch Wide
Corona RK 62061 Fixed Tine Leaf Rake, Aluminum Handle, 19-Inch Wide   Corona RK 62061 Fixed Tine Leaf Rake, Aluminum Handle, 19-Inch Wide                 

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The Corona RK 62061 is a lightweight rake that features a 54-inch aluminum handle with an anti-slip vinyl coating on the top half to prevent your hands from getting blisters. It is an excellent tool to use when cleaning your garden and for gathering mowed grass and fallen leaves.

This model has a fan-shaped rake head made of tempered spring steel and 25 extra-wide, curved tines to allow for efficient debris collection without damaging any plants. The head is also slightly narrow to allow it to get debris even in hard-to-reach areas.

With the 25 extra-wide tines, 54-inch handle and bi-curved bow design, this rake will help you easily and quickly rake up grass clippings, leaves and other debris in your lawn or garden.


  • Bi-curved and extra-wide tines for easy raking
  • Lightweight aluminum handle
  • Comfortable grip
  • Safe for flowers, trees and other plants


  • Not suitable for bigger yards or garden
  • Not many colors to choose from
  • You may need to pass the rake through the same spot multiple times due to the wide tines

Midwest Aluminum Landscape Rake

Midwest Aluminum Landscape Rake

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The Midwest Landscape Rake is equipped with a 66-inch powder-coated aluminum handle with a 6-inch non-slip vinyl coating for grip and added comfort. It can be used to sift through loose soil, to level your yard and even plant grass seeds.

The rake’s head is 46 inches wide and is made with a heavy-duty double rib construction to provide you maximum stability and performance. It also features long rounded tines that can prevent any gouging when you rake and are excellent for grading.

Furthermore, the head comes with a solid aluminum plug so that it can handle the connection. Overall, it is a lightweight and easy to use rake that will help you do tasks in a less strenuous way.


  • Available in a variety of sizes from 24 to 48 inches
  • Rounded teeth to protect the ground
  • Heavy-duty double-rib construction for durability


  • Tricky to assemble

True Temper Leaf Rake

True Temper Leaf Rake
True Temper Leaf Rake   True Temper Leaf Rake   True Temper Leaf Rake   True Temper Leaf Rake   True Temper Leaf Rake        

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The True Temper rake has a 48-inch handle which is made of hardwood and comes with a foam at the end for additional comfort and control. This rake is ideal for medium to large yards or lawns.

It is a fan-shaped rake with a 24-inch wide head made of durable and flexible thermoplastic called Polypropylene. It comes with long, flexible tines that do an excellent job at clearing your lawn or garden from any debris.

Due to its clog-free design, this rake can prevent leaves from being stuck between the tines. It is best used for lightweight tasks due to the poly head construction.


  • Clog free design is effective
  • Very lightweight
  • Best for large spaces


  • Rake head is made of Polypropylene which is basically plastic
  • It has a thin handle, making it delicate for heavy use

The Groundskeeper II Rake

The Groundskeeper II Rake
The Groundskeeper II Rake   The Groundskeeper II Rake   The Groundskeeper II Rake   The Groundskeeper II Rake   The Groundskeeper II Rake        

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With a 55-inch fiberglass handle, the Groundskeeper II will surely guarantee you years of service. This rake is designed to be lightweight and durable to make it easier for you to clear up debris from your yard or garden.

It features a 21-inch head with 28 steel tines which are round, hard, and firm to make it work differently than the flat and flexible tines you see on other rakes. These tines are appropriately spaced and have the ability to withstand a backward pull.

The handle of the Groundskeeper II only comes in one color, which is yellow, but this will make it easier for you to see it in the storeroom. Other than that, it is designed to help you remove leaves from the grass without damaging the ground and the grass..


  • Durable fiberglass handle can last for years
  • It works differently than other rakes due to its round, stiff, and spring-loaded tines


  • Comes in one color
  • A bit pricey

What to Consider When Buying Rakes for Grass


Commonly, rakes are made of plastic or metal. Rakes with a plastic head are designed for lighter tasks including raking the grass or removing dead leaves. Although lightweight and relatively cheap, they can easily break if they encounter a hard obstacle or if misused.

Metal rakes, on the other hand, are more durable and can withstand even the most difficult tasks including raking stones or breaking dirt lumps. However, they may not be as efficient in collecting leaves because they can get stuck in the metal tines.

Rake handles are often made of wood, aluminum, or fiberglass. And most people often choose fiberglass grips because they are more durable. They may cost a little more but are very strong and lightweight

Size & Weight

The optimal rake handle length should reach the level of your armpits if placed vertically. You can also choose a rake with telescopic grips, so you can adjust its height to your liking.

Choose a rake that weighs just right for you and will let you work for a long period of time without straining your arms and back.

A rake with a wooden handle is the heaviest and is for rugged use, while aluminum is much lighter but less durable, so fiberglass may be a much better alternative to any wooden, metal, or plastic rake. 


Some yards may require different types of rakes, so if you don’t want to spend too much money on several tools, you can choose a rake that has a lot of features that you may need for the type of yard you have.

Rake features may include an ergonomic grip, rubber inserts on the handle, an additional crossbar near the rake head, or even a d-shaped handle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is raking good for grass?

Raking is good for grass because it will help the grass grow. A thick layer of debris can deprive the grass of sunlight and oxygen which can hinder their growth. However, there are some instances that raking may not be necessary and can help the grass grow healthier. But for most cases, raking out any debris from the grass will make it healthier.

How often should I rake my lawn?

If there is a thick layer of leaves then you may have to rake the grass immediately and should not wait more than three to four days to do so, as this can smother the grass. However, if the leaves are not plentiful and the conditions are dry then you can rake after a week or more. If scarifying, most lawn owners prefer to do the job once a year and even once in two or three years.


The best rakes for grass should be lightweight, durable and should effectively remove leaves and every other debris that can damage the health of the grass. Although a heavy-duty rake can be effective, you have to make sure that it will not strain your arms or back.

When choosing a rake, make sure that it is durably made with quality materials and features that will make your job easier and quicker.