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If you are searching for a ladder that you can rely on, the Little Giant Megalite 17 is worth a try. 

The Megalite 17 is one of the most popular Little Giant Ladder models among professionals and do-it-yourselfers because it is adaptable, stable, and sturdy.  

In this article, we will have a thorough review of Little Giant Megalite 17 ladder so you will see why it is highly recommended and well-loved.  

Little Giant Megalite 17 Specifications

Weight Capacity300 lbs.
WarrantyLimited Lifetime
Model Number11517-001
90° LadderYes
Ansi Duty RatingType IA – Extra Heavy Duty
Country Of OriginChina
Extension Max14′ 11″
Extension Max Reach18′ 1″
Extension Max. Height14′ 11″
Extension Min. Height8′ 11″
Extension Total Length of Sections17′ 2″
Extension Highest Standing Level Max11′ 7″
Extension Max Working Length14′ 11″
Extension LockExtra Heavy Duty Lock Tab
FeetStandard non-marring (riveted)
Ladder TypeTelescoping – Articulated
Product Weight31
Lean To PositionYes
Inner Rung Depth1.38″
Inside Clear WidthN/A
Outer Rung Depth1″
Palm & Hinge Lock SystemHinge Lock
Rung Size Double Section3.13″
Rung Size Single Section1.38″
Scaffolding PositionYes
Size9′ – 15′
Ship Length4′ 8″
Ship Width2′ 1″
Ship Height0′ 8″
Ship Weight35
Spreader SystemHinge Lock
Stepladder Highest Standing Level5′ 9″
Stepladder Maximum Footprint5′ 2.25″
Stepladder Max Reach12′ 3″
Storage Depth9″
Storage Height4′ 7″
Storage Width At Base2′
Tip & Glide™ WheelsYes
Top WidthN/A

Major Features of the Little Giant Ladder

Multi-Positional Ladder

You can transform the ladder into a range of positions and lengths through its lock tabs and the triple-locking feature of its hinges.  It requires only a bit of an effort to change, making this a true Little Giant multi-use ladder.   

What type of ladder do you need?  Is it a staircase ladder, an A-frame ladder, an extension ladder, or just a trestle?  Whatever ladder you need, you’ll find it all in the Little Giant ladder.  Such a very versatile ladder, isn’t it?  

Little Giant MegaLite 17 Ladder

Certified by ANSI and OSHA

You’ll never go wrong with the Megalite 17 ladder because it has exceeded and passed all the requirements ANSI and OSHA with flying colors. 

If it’s certified by these two quality checkers, you’re 100% sure that the product is of high quality.  This ladder can support a weight of about 300 pounds on each side when transformed into an A-frame ladder. 

The Megalight is an uncomplicated Ladder 

The Little Giant Megalite 17 is the type of ladder that you will surely want to own because it has an insubstantial weight, is well-constructed, and is very versatile.  You do not need to buy multiple ladders if you own such a ladder.

You can easily get to your roof as it can be unfolded and be transformed into an extension ladder.  If you have a wall or ceiling-related project, simply turn the Megalite into an A-frame ladder. 

Little Giant MegaLite 17 Ladder

This little giant model can likewise be a perfect partner for your staircase projects as it can be extended to various lengths. 

Large Weight Capacity

The Little Giant Megalite 17 can hold a weight of up to 300 pounds despite its lightweight build.  This durable and versatile Megalite ladder or stepladder is simply amazing, though considered a lightweight aluminum ladder. 

Multi-Purpose Ladder

This Little Giant Megalite 17 ladder allows you to perform different projects without the need of purchasing multiple ladders.  It can be used as a scaffolding, a stepladder, an extension ladder, and a 90-degree great ladder.    

Megalite can be easily stored

Another good thing about this Little Giant Ladder is that it can be stored easily.  When not in use, its width is measured at 9 inches, too thin that it can fit into a small space in your home, workshop, or garage.  

A multiple ladder rolled into one is very helpful as it will save you space, money, and energy. 

Safety Guide Using the Little Giant Megalite

  1. 1. Always stay within the allowable weight requirement, which is 300 pounds.
  2. Read all important instructions before you set foot on the ladder.
  3. Make sure to grip the hinges or ladder rails with both hands when you’re telescoping the ladder either up or down.  
  4. Ensure that all 4 lock tabs are well-fastened in the holes of the rung before you climb the ladder.
  5. The inner ladder of the Megalite must be well-secured before releasing the lock tabs.
  6. Always be mindful of your position when working near an electric post or electric wires.
  7. Do not step beyond the 3rd rung from the top of the ladder.    
  8. Make it a habit to double-check the ladder before every climb. 
Little Giant MegaLite 17 Ladder

Why Go for the Little Giant Megalite 17 Ladder?

Having the Megalite 17 ladder is like hitting more than two birds with just one stone.  Well, I twisted the popular quote a bit so I can fully describe how many benefits you can get out of this versatile Megalite ladder.

You can save hundreds to thousands of dollars with this kind of ladder since you do not have to spend on multiple ladders.  This is already enough reason you should go for the Megalite 17 model.  


Little Giant MegaLite 17 Ladder

Little Giant MegaLite 17 Ladder
Little Giant MegaLite 17 Ladder   Little Giant MegaLite 17 Ladder   Little Giant MegaLite 17 Ladder   Little Giant MegaLite 17 Ladder           

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